About the foundation programme

The Board of Directors of the Museums of Pest County has successfully applied for a tender for the "Knowledge Depot Express" announcement of the Social Reform Programme.  The tender supports initiations aiming a higher value and better quality of education of library systems, the education and studying in non-formal education systems, the development of reading and digital skills achievable through library service. In order to achieve this, it supports the development and harmonising of the document and information service systems of education supporting services and databases, and the related human resources of libraries.
The programme of the Board of Directors of Museums of Pest County:
In accordance with the announcement of the National Development Agency, the project supports the development of the aligned services of libraries under the maintenance of the Board of Directors of Museums of Pest County, through operating a special, area based museum library network: by opening the fine arts library related to the Ferenczy Museum, Szentendre for the public, making the possibility of connecting to the National Library Systems available. Three 'focus' libraries will be formed out of the material of the nine libraries of museums of Pest county, which may become the scene for lifelong-learning with the development of the offered services and by widening the range of library using target groups.
The documents of our libraries will be entered in a computer based, integrated library database called 'Szirén'. This will make internet accessibility possible for 100.000 library units. With its significant volume of technical books, the library will be able to become a partner in good quality public and higher education. To reach the highly emphasised target group, the students, we arranged collaboration with the Móricz Zsigmond High School in Szentendre, Kossuth Lajos High School in Cegléd and the Pikéthy Tibor Music Technical College in Vác. The educational work of these schools will be supported by IT and library-pedagogical programmes of the museum libraries. We also train three of our colleges at the National Széchenyi Library in order to enhance quality work.

Project owner: Board of Directors of Museums of Pest County
Name of the project: Focus programme to create a network of Pest County Museum Libraries
Time of project:     2010.09.01 – 2011.08.31.
Obtained founds:     23.571.986 HUF
Contact:       Tímea Major projekt owner
Szentendre, Fő tér 2-5.
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Eszter Osváth, officer for communication
Ypsylon média Kft.
Budapest, Királyi Pál u. 18.
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